When two people dated and they broke up…
Can one person be hurting?
The person who couldn’t tell anyone is already hurting by herself
The person who doesn’t even know he’s hurting will hurt later
The person who neglected that pain is hurting more

– Didn’t you say we should talk?
– That was then, she said.
– Why are you doing this? He asked distant.
(because you even know that)
– Aren’t you going to say anything?
(see if  you like feeling frustrated)
– Are you going to keep running away like this?
(you fell frustrated as well, right?)
– Let’s go then.
– You’re just going to leave? She complains quite nervous.
– You aren’t talking.
– Why do I have to talk? Don’t you have anything to say? You are okay with our current situation. You just want to know why this woman broke up with you, huh? I never wanted to be your number one priority. I know you’re busy. I know but… I’m not even number five or teen. I’m always the last. Whatever it was, it was always more important than me. I must really be nothing to you. You must not need me at all.
– I never spoke that way to you.
– No, you were speaking that way the entire time. I was so stupid that I couldn’t understand, I should’ve know every time you said that you weren’t really that busy. You just liked other things more than me. I should’ve known when you left me alone while I was sick too. It’s not that you didn’t know I was sick. You just wanted to ignore it. I should’ve know when you said that you couldn’t say „I love you”. It wasn’t because you were shy. You just didn’t want to lie to me. You never loved me for one second. I find myself so petty, I can’t stand anymore. I hold my phone and wait for your call. I get mad that you don’t. I make plans to dump you first before you can do it to me…
– To you, I…
His phone call and she remained again speechless. Same story but that day the last.”

PS: Încălzirea pentru viitorul articol al antologiei Karta Graphic 🙂


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