wear invisible,
aspire to be air,
and fly unpredictable.

I thought about feeling different,
banish your roots,
drive away my demons,
turn my back on your deaths.

I thought for a moment to be another,
in the ephemeral cave of my dream,
but my heartbeat rebels
hurtful, sharp, insistent;
perhaps there is no amendment
if the letters have already been dealt,
perhaps there is no return
if it’s your blood that runs
incoherent, voluptuous, invasive,
through the burning veins of my night.
I’m innocent!


Poezia a fost publicată în antologia OPA (Our Poetry Archive) din luna octombrie 2018


Odor of oblivion

I sharpened my thoughts,
I hide my feelings

I painted my tears in black
and I waited …
and I called him …
And he came silent,
As every evening,
Walking, barefoot,
His eyes full of sorrow.
With his wounded heart,
has disappeared from my sight.
and I called him …
and I screamed:
Neither tomorrow comes,
nor does it appear,
with serenity!
I searched for him…
He does not come and, above all, does not leave.
It does not pass or stay.
That’s always it.
The smell of forgetfulness under the tears,
Love drowned in a sea of passions.

Poezie cuprinsă în antologia internațională OPA (Our Poetry Archive iulie 2018)

Day by day

Like the wind my heart is shaking
Like the smoke my love faded away
I can bear it in some way
I can stand it in some way
Like the white sky and like the blue clouds
Day by day
Love is leaving,
And I’m blankly standing here
I’m looking at him, getting farther away
This will pass, this feeling will go away

Maybe day by day
The deeply colored night sky

Is filled with you, who won’t leave
It wakes me from my sleep
Kissing me again
The whispers of I love you
From your love, your scent
I hear it in my ears
Day by day, everyday
You say that you can let out a sigh of relief now
But I’m running out of breath
The soul doesn’t deceive only me
But day by day
I did get a bit normal
My heart became numb so I emptied it out a lot
So, day by day
I’ve really become crazy
And every day is yesterday


Poezie cuprinsă în antologia internațională OPA (Our Poetry Archive iulie 2018)

Lost on the way

Blue skies covering distant houses far away
Time flows like river every day
No ending, no boundaries, no room for retreat
I’m getting lost in the twist and turn of the city
Trembling scenarios keep repeating over and over
In slow motion
And the wound is getting deeper
Today I looked back and everything was different.
More gray and cloudy and cold,
Now I look back and see someone who looks like me
And I swear it’s not me

Fell down
Turned my wound into fog
I really want to be happy
Imagining all the possibilities of happiness
Those fantasies, those expectation, those desires are too clear

I sigh deeply and the ground shakes
I can barely breath, scream, move
It is as difficult to swim as it is easy to sink
Second knot, third shipwreck
I’m lost on the way!

Poezie cuprinsă în antologia internațională OPA (Our Poetry Archive iulie 2018)

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